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Chai with Dr. Sabrina Dhanjal of Protection Plus Dental Center

01 Mar 17

The Asia Today Team had the pleasure of meeting a Doctor of Smiles, a dentist who has been voted one of America's Top Dentists 4 years in a row from 2011 to 2014 – Dr. Sabrina Dhanjal of Protection Plus Dental Center. Dentistry is in the blood of Dhanjals. Dr. Sabrina is the daughter of Dr. Sewa Singh Dhanjal, who came from India in the 70s and started practicing here in the US and became a renowned dentist. Born and raised right here in Phoenix, Dr. Sabrina was always inclined towards medical care due to her heavy family influences. Pursuing her father’s passion which she also thoroughly loves, she attended dental school in California nad has been practicing for the last 10 years.

During our conversation, it was very evident that she loves dentistry and enjoys what she does a lot. It is more than a profession and a large part of her life. It allows her to balance her professional and personal lives while being a very rewarding field. When you treat somebody in pain and are rewarded back with a smile, there is nothing more satisfying than that. A smile is the best form of communication and bringing a smile to her patients’ faces brings her a lot of satisfaction.

When asked about her upbringing as an Indian in the US, Dr. Sabrina replied that even though she was born here she had grandparents from both sides that were always around to nurture her. Born in a Sikh family surrounded by relatives has ensured that she has a good grasp on her mother tongue, Punjabi. As children, her brother and her both attended Gurudwara every Sunday where she played the harmonium and he played the table for kirtans. She feels fortunate to have been raised in such an atmosphere and have the opportunity to be a part of such a great religion such as Sikhism where people learn to serve others and she carries that same practice of serving others into her profession.

As is often the case when a child follows in the footsteps of a parent, all are anxious to know if there was any influence or pressure to choose that profession on the child and so were we. Dr. Sabrina always knew she wanted to be in the medical field and she was very clear regarding that goal in her life. Initially, she wanted to be an ophthalmologist but later changed direction towards dentistry. Following in her father’s footsteps, she started her practice at an early age of 23. In addition to dental school, she has taken specialized courses for implantation and surgeries as well as a two year orthodontic course in Phoenix. Dr. Sabrina Dhanjal gives much of the credit to her dad for teaching her the intricate procedures.

Dr. Sabrina Dhanjal and her team have specialized skills to treat both adults and children and their practice is a one stop shop for any dental issue. This includes preventive care, cleaning, cavity filling with both silver and white options, and, in case of bigger cavities, performing root canal treatments. They also provide services such as wisdom teeth extraction and implantation, services that require a special degree which she has completed. And, last but not least, they also provide partial and full dentures, as well as braces. With a super experienced mentor, her dad, the team is well specialized to handle all dentistry needs.

When asked if they want to keep the family tradition going and if she has an interest in her children following dentistry, she stated that she did not want to force anything on them. They should be free to choose and make their own decisions in life and even though she chose the same profession as her father, it was ultimately her own decision.

Her final message to our readers is that it is critical to brush and floss daily for healthy teeth. Flossing should be done every day before going to bed so that no food particles are trapped. A healthy diet is also important and we must avoid drinking sodas which are terrible for the teeth. Intake of fluoride is necessary because it strengthens teeth enamel so drink fluids with fluoride or use toothpaste with fluoride on it. After consuming any kind of sweets, wash your mouth immediately so no particles are trapped inside which can erode teeth.

Asia Today thanks Dr. Sabrina Dhanjal for her time and valuable advice to her readers. We wish her practice continued success in the coming years. Feel free to reach out to Protection Plus Dental Center at (623) 932-0539 or visit their website at for additional information.