Make America Hate Again with Selective Empathy…

01 Mar 17

Empathy by the definition of the word is the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.  Can a person really be considered empathetic if their feelings of empathy are selective and restricted for individuals of a certain race, religion, or background?  I see and hear our government be empathetic towards hate crimes committed by immigrants that have hurt innocent citizens and why it is important to crack down on immigration related issues.  But where is that empathy when innocent immigrants are hurt by those citizens the government is empathetic towards? 

Does selective empathy really make America Great Again or does it drive the agenda of hate further?  Even in jurisprudence, there is a concept of selective prosecution – a procedural defense in which a defendant argues that he should not be held criminally liable for breaking the law, as the criminal justice system discriminated against him by choosing to prosecute.  But what about selective defense – where do defendants go when the government that is supposed to be fair and just is silent in the aftermath of crimes against them as if they never happened?  Is it fair for them to have to ask the question “do we belong here?”

These questions come up as I read the blog of SunayanaDumala, the widow of the Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla who was shot dead in a hate crime in a bar in Olathe City (https://www.facebook.com/sunayana.dumala/posts/1254788961284812).  While many news outlets, political representatives, professional companies, and other organizations have reached out to Sunayana with their condolences and compassion and offers of support, our President remains silent as if it never happened.  Quick to respond to hate crimes in countries around the world, some of which that have not even transpired, and tweet examples of hate crimes committed by immigrants, he remains silent and does not even acknowledge the incident that took the life of an innocent, hard-working, legal immigrant and Baby Dolls left his wife and family in a cloud of grief.  Does turning a blind eye to these incidents make “America Great Again” or is it another step in the plan to make America Hate Again?  By making sure only the negativity coming out of immigrants is brought to public light and burying any contributions they make to the country or any harm that is coming their way because of citizens in this country, the current administration continues to go down the path of holding selective people accountable for their actions and sending the message that those that are not the target of the administration can literally get away with murder. 

There are many immigrants that voted for our current President thinking that his war is on countries dominated by a certain religion and towards people of a certain religion so they are safe.  What they failed to realize was that his supporters cannot differentiate between one type of immigrant and another and a war that is based on race or religion will leave no one safe; all wars come with collateral damage and that collateral damage could be their loved ones.  I hope Sunayana’s story serves as an eye opener for those that think they are not impacted by an administration that divides through fear and hate.  My heart goes out to SunayanaDumala and I wish her strength and courage as she goes through this extremely difficult and unfortunate time.