Marketing Director Note May 2017

01 May 17

Mother’s Day is upon us once again, It’s one of the occasions when you can show your gratitude to your lovely and gorgeous mother, a day to honor the most important person in our lives: the one who gave us birth, brought us through infancy, celebrated each milestone, answered our question, put up with our misdeeds, and through it all gave us love. A mother takes every pain simply for her child without uttering a single word of dissatisfaction. Nobody else can be as caring as a mother. And therefore, she deserves to be celebrated for the way she has made your life a celebration with her unspoken prayers and continuous efforts. Having a mother in anyone’s life is something very adorable. Mothers will always be by your side and every person who has a living mother must be very proud of her.

On Mothers Day Thank your Mother

There is simply no way we can ever really thank mother for all she has done for us. She is the one who will be awake all night when we are sick. Praying to God to make us well and be ever ready to bear the pain that we may be experiencing. She is the one to wake up early in the morning to make the nicest tiffin and endure all our tantrums. Thank her for all time she has spent with you and possibly your children, thanks her for being your good friend, appreciate her for unconditional love.

On Mothers Day Apologise to your Mother

Mothers are the one on whom we put all the blame for our failures. We would not hesitate once to point her single faux pas though she would not miss even a slightest opportunity to praise us. Isn’t it tough to imagine how she must have borne our temper tantrums when we were teenagers. And how hard we must have made her life by behaving so rude and difficult. And yet she was so astonishingly cool. It it easy for the kids to be so demanding from parents, specially mothers as we take her affection and care so much for granted. Most often to the extent of selfishness. Mothers Day is the right time to apologise for all the troubles that we gave to our moms, without even realising at most times how troublesome we must have been to her