Marketing Director Note July 2017

01 Jul 17

One of the hottest month in Arizona is now over, June usually has the hottest HIGH temps, but it is not the worst time of the year if you want to experience that. It is still quite pleasant in the mornings and evenings in spite of the high peak temps because it is very, very dry we still have two more months to face Arizona heat.

But don’t forget to welcome our upcoming festival, yes I m talking about Teej, if your heart still goes ‘sha la la la at the thought of dancing and singing in the rain, swinging to your heart’s content in colorful clothes, participating in blissful festivities and still managing to please the God, then make all your wishes come true during the Teej festival. Celebration on the third (teej) day after the new moon in the auspicious Hindu month of Shravan, Teej celebrates the onset of monsoons while honouring devotion and love.