A National Tragedy

01 Sep 17

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the catastrophic tragedy that Hurricane Harvey has left behind. Images of homes submerged in water, people being rescued in boats and rafts, and communities destroyed have left the whole nation in shock on what mother nature is capable of at its ultimate wrath. A storm that did not discriminate by race, gender, legal or illegal status, or financial strength left those of all races, genders, legal and financial status equally torn as it took away all they had worked hard to build their entire lives. It makes one question the political fighting that has been ongoing about immigrants and non-immigrants, assistance that should be provided to the needy, money that is being requested to build border walls, and so much more. As you look at the devastation that Harvey left behind, you being to wonder about the pettiness of the arguments we have seen our government entertain over the last few months. 

As you look at tragedy facing Houston, it really makes one question all the time and energy we put into building material wealth – wealth that can be wiped away in minutes or days by forces such as Harvey. If you spent days, months, years building up things in your home and a tragedy like Harvey hit and it was all destroyed, what would you have to hang on to? The love and warmth of your loved ones? Memories of good times spent with them? Friends and family standing by your side through thick and thin? Those are the only things a storm such as Harvey cannot take away and that is why it is important to focus your time and energy on those things – things that cannot be taken away by the forces of nature in seconds. 

While we here in Arizona are lucky that we have never had to face such a tragedy, now is the moment to be thankful for those things that money cannot buy and shift your focus on quality time with your loved ones. Many people in Houston said during interviews this just doesn’t happen in Houston. But the truth of the matter is tragedy can strike anytime, anywhere. And God forbid if it ever does, we want to be in a place in life where we are content with how we have prioritized material things over emotional relationships. So hug your families, friends, and all those close to you and be thankful for the opportunity you have to do so. Make time for them over work, obligations, and other mandatory commitments because at the end of the day these are the things that will stay with you when all else is taken away.

Asia Today is saddened by the lives impacted by these catastrophic events in Houston and prays for the wellbeing and recovery of all those struggling with the aftermath.  We wish them strength in these trying times and hold them in our thoughts and prayers. 

Deepa Kaur Walia

Editor, Asia Today