Festival Season The Triumph of Good over Evil

01 Oct 17

As the South Asian community steps foot into its prime festival season with Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Karva Chauth – festivals celebrating the triumph of good over evil or fasts for the long and healthy life of their loved ones, we are shaken by the pure evil in Las Vegas that is responsible for the loss of so many lives in the tragic event that occurred recently. 

While we celebrate historic battles where our ancestors, gurus, gods destroyed pure evil and brought justice and prosperity to their lands, we are in the midst of an ongoing battle– a battle of good over evil. This battle is not between people of different races, religious backgrounds, sexual preferences, or any such characteristic but between good versus bad. There are many good people of all religions and backgrounds and many bad people in those same religions and backgrounds – heartless people that feel no remorse senselessly firing at thousands of people with no regard for human life.  

Many of us are heartbroken by the tragedies constantly surrounding our daily lives and pray for those impacted by them and wish for a savior to once again help humanity win the fight of good versus evil. However, simply praying is no longer enough and as it is said, even God only helps those that help themselves. We live in a country constantly divided by hate and unable to come together for simple things such as gun control, affordable healthcare, climate change, equal treatment, affordable and quality education – things our government would like to tell us are privileges and not basic rights. And while we cannot control the actions of the Stephen Paddock’s, the gunman behind the Las Vegas shooting, or the destructive aftermath of hurricanes such as Maria and Harvey, we can make a difference by influencing our elections and ensuring that those that believe in our fundamental rights to food, shelter, healthcare, education, and safety are elected in power to help make our world a better place to live for us and our future generations. Our elected officials will serve as our saviors and we as a community must get more involved by using our votes to ensure those that care about our wellbeing are elected to help the United States of America win the fight of good over evil.

This Festival Season, hold your loved ones close and be grateful for the opportunity you have to do so. As you celebrate the triumph of good over evil with your loved ones, make a pact to get more involved in your local communities and upcoming elections to help our wonderful country win its war against evil by placing caring, kind hearted souls in political positions. Asia Today wishes its readers a happy, healthy, and safe festival season and prays for strength, courage, and love for those impacted by the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas, Nevada and all others impacted by the mass shootings that are becoming a common phenomenon in the United States as well as the destructive natural events such as hurricanes and earthquakes caused by our ignorance towards climate change. We keep the innocent that have fallen in our thoughts and prayers and above all that, we encourage our readers to pledge to do all they can to make sure this doesn’t happen over and over again.   It is not insensitive to talk about climate change as we see destructive weather hit us one after the other and tear apart lives and families and it is not insensitive to talk about gun control as we see guns take away loved ones destroying lives and families. Preventative measures over recovery efforts – we can no longer turn a blind eye to the harsh realities surrounding us.