Marketing Director Note November 2017

01 Nov 17

It’s hard to believe that we’re close to December and the end of the year It seems like only yesterday  that we were still in the hot days of summer and were surviving through the dog days of August. We’ve passed through a relatively orderly fall and as we come to December, It feels like I blinked my eyes in January and we’re looking at the Holidays being upon us now. It’s nuts really, but a fact of life I suppose.

As people, I think we like to have closure and then follow that up with new beginnings. It becomes second nature I believe. This, not surprisingly, is part of why we’ll see a slew of new year resolutions posts come the New Year. I love having goals, I really do but as I get older I come to see the need to have a purpose or a drive behind those goals. Otherwise, they’re just not going to happen. However, if I have a singular focus behind the goal then my chances of success increase exponentially. Of course, this is just in theory as I have no scientific data behind it. As you start looking over this past year and looking towards what you want to accomplish next year my encouragement is to start looking to take action now. Start dealing with your fears. Start dealing with the excuses you’ve used in the past. Start thinking about the “why” behind the goal. I know that isn’t easy by any means, but the more you do those things the stronger the bond is towards attacking that goal and thus you are more inclined to see some level of relative success with it.