Conquering Your Fears

01 Jan 18

Not much can be achieved without a lot of hard work, pain, and dedication. It also seems that life has a way of putting you in situations where you must face your fears to achieve something you really want. You will have no choice but to either face that fear or give up on something that is extremely important to you and those moments are what will define you. Do you choose to succumb to your fears and walk away from your desires or look fear in the face and conquer it to fulfill your desires? While walking away may seem like the easy thing to do, it will leave a lifetime of regret and questions on if things could have been different if you had tried harder. On the other hand, there’s always the risk that you give it your best, face your fears, and the end result is disappointment and failure. And you are sitting empty-handed wondering why you put yourself through such uncertainty and turmoil. However, as they say, you will never know until you try and try you must. Because nothing is more painful than the what-ifs that plague you for the rest of your life if you choose to walk away.

While there are no guarantees in life, walk the path less traveled even if it is filled with your innermost fears. There are probably many things you really desire but have been putting off because they seem too hard or your fears stand in the way of achieving them. Let 2018 be the year that defines you, lets you face your fears, and fulfill all your desires. Life is too short and we often tell ourselves that we will do something or the other later – when it’s easier, when there’s more time, when we are ready, and so many other excuses. But life has a funny way of running out of time – what you thought may be easier if you wait becomes harder and harder and sometimes impossible because you waited too long. And then all you are left with is regrets and the question what if I’d done this sooner?

We thank all our readers for their continued support and look forward to the new journeys and adventures that await us in 2018. Conquer your fears and write to us to share your stories of attempt, success, failure, lessons learned. It’s never too late to fulfill any dream and we wish our readers success in all their endeavors and look forward to hearing and publishing your unique stories in 2018. A very happy new year to everyone! May 2018 bring you all that your heart desires!