Hints of Change

02 May 18

“All great changes are preceded by chaos,” said our very own Deepak Chopra.   Is this what we are to make of the chaos that is currently ensuing in our great State of Arizona.  History has been made in the month of April in Arizona – chaotic History!!!

For the first time in Arizona, all our public school teachers are on strike fighting against the lowest teacher wages nationally and the continued drain of funding and resources from school programs, making our public school system one of the worst performing in the nation.   It is a fact that there is definitely inconvenience caused by the chaos these strikes are imposing on their schedules – working parents that do not have another place to send their children, questionable summer vacations depending on how long the school year will extend, etc.  But we must ask ourselves is this chaos going to lead to the great change we are all hoping for – focus and attention on the lack of funding for our schools, teachers and support staff!   We can only hope that to be the case as we watch history unfold.  As much as we feel the pressure on our friends and family with this unexpected strike, we hope that this will ultimately lead to positive results for us, our children, our teachers, our schools, and our communities!

Again, for the first time in Arizona, one of the most deeply red districts, Congressional District 8, that has voted a Republican into power by 20+ points year after year hosted a very competitive Special Election where the Republican candidate won by a mere 4.8 points.   In a district the Democratic party did not even think worth pouring money into and in a district where the party has not put up a candidate for decades, Candidate Hiral Tipirneni brought the margin down 16+ points coming close to an upset in Arizona.   Is this chaotic win another hint that the population of Arizona is diversifying and wanting more from our representatives and policies and a sign that Arizona, a deeply red state is on its way to turning purple or even flipping blue?   Only time and the upcoming mid-term elections in November will tell. 

Please continue to read our personal interviews with candidates looking to run in the November elections and get to know your candidates and, if eligible, get out and vote for those that align with your beliefs and needs.  As the RedForEd movement, a movement started after decades of ignoring constituents and their issues, has shown us no one is exempt from inconveniences caused by years of neglect.  This is why it is important we get involved in our communities and help drive positive change that will benefit us and our upcoming generations.   Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to providing continued coverage of happenings all over Arizona in the coming years.  If you have not yet, feel free to subscribe to our ePaper by visiting https://asiatodayaz.com/subscribeepaper.php, subscribe to our physical paper by emailing your mailing address to editor@asiatodayaz.com, and like and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AsiaTodayAZ and Twitter at https://twitter.com/asiatodayaz.