“Success Will Win You False Friends and True Enemies – Succeed Anyway”

01 Jun 18

Asia Today Arizona has come a long way since its initial start in 2007.  We have grown from a small print only publication to a large print publication with a strong web and social media presence.  We get consistent feedback from readers on the quality of our articles and what they enjoyed about last month’s edition and are always pleased with those notes of appreciation.   And another way to measure our success is by the growing number of attacks we continue to see directed at our publication.  As Mother Teresa once said, “Success will win you false friends and true enemies – succeed anyway.”

You may have noticed that our website was down for a few days in the Month of May and this was due to a malicious attack on our website.  We want to apologize to our readers, advertisers, and supporters for any inconvenience this downtime may have caused them.  We have had smaller attacks over the last year or so, but nothing that took the website down as it did in the month of May.  We want you to rest assured that we have taken multiple actions to secure the site and ensure this does not happen again.  We have also increased our site backups to ensure that we can safely and quickly restore back to a point in time if required. We have increased the security package with our hosting provider that provides us added layers of security to prevent such attacks in the future.  Given that this is not an isolated incident, we are also working with local law enforcement to track down the people behind this so we can get to the root of the problem.  We are also requesting any individual that may have any information related to this matter to please reach out to us.  

The experience itself was extremely frustrating and a lot of effort went into finding what parts of the site were defaced/altered and cleaning it up.  And even more effort went into determining what changes had to be implemented to secure the site against such attacks in the future.  But in the midst of that frustration, we found a small joy.  The attacks themselves speak to our success.  It tells us that we are becoming successful enough to be noticeable to all – those that want to see us continue to succeed and those 

And the same can be true of personal success.  When you are climbing the ladder of success, you are also increasing the number of individuals that start distancing themselves from you and creating many enemies.  It isn’t without reason that they say it is lonely at the top.  While you may be inclined to concentrate on the loneliness or the loss of people in your life, look at it from another angle and find the joy in it because these things may very well be happening because you are continuing to become more and more successful every day.   “Success makes enemies of those who would never have been true friends.”  Forget the negatives and the loss and concentrate on what you are achieving personally and how it will benefit you and your family because at the end of the day, that is all that matters. 

We wish our readers a great summer and success in all their future endeavors.  Once again, if you have any information regarding the recent attacks on Asia Today Arizona, please reach out to us with the information.  You can send an email to editor@asiatodayaz.com or submit anonymous feedback through our Contact Us page at https://www.asiatodayaz.com/contactus.php.